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KIA EV6 Singapore Review - GT Line 77kWh (A)

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

The KIA EV6 GT Line is the dual motor, all wheel drive variant of the single motor standard range EV6, and is KIA's flagship EV based off a similar platform to the Hyundai Ioniq 5. Comparable to a Tesla Model 3, the EV6 is a high tech offering that offers users high levels of performance and includes features such as a rotary gear selector, DC fast charging, wired Android Auto and Apple Carplay, and ambient lighting.

If you have been keeping close tabs on the EV world and its development within Singapore in the past 12 months, it's safe to say things have been really interesting. Forging ahead past the early fanaticism that surrounded the Tesla Model 3, many automakers have begun introducing their EV lineup to Singapore consumers. Among these new EVs is the KIA EV6, one of the most important and eagerly anticipated EV releases to date. Apart from its striking good looks, we find out what else makes the EV6 so hotly anticipated.

In recent years, KIA has made great strides in designing better looking cars - and you can see exactly how these efforts have culminated in the EV6's design. A low-slung SUV with a menacing stance that reminds you of a Cylon Raider, paired with a rear end that despite its similarities to the Aston Martin DBX, is undeniably beautiful and will make you fall in love with it. Moonscape - the colour of our test car, is a stunning matte grey that is as aptly named as it is good looking. While offered in 4 other colours apart from Moonscape, we think Moonscape is the one to go for, with Snow Pearl White a distant second choice.

Inside the car, it would seem that KIA has somewhat found its identity, and have very adequately expressed their own cabin design DNA into each new car that is released. In the EV6, the spaceship theme continues, and the integrated curved display dominates a tastefully decorated interior. While the car doesn't feel particularly high end when you look at it, the car is well put together, and feels futuristic and modern.

Material use is intelligent and strategic, and nothing feels accidental, save for the drive selector which I personally would have preferred in a brushed metal finish or black plastic. For a car with the EV6's profile, it is also a slight shame that the infotainment unit does not come equipped with wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Thankfully though, it does come with a host of other tech features like a 360 degree view camera, Smart Regenerative Braking, and a very cool blind spot monitor which displays a camera view of your blind spot in your instrument cluster when you turn on your signal.

On the move, the GT Line, which is the higher spec-ed of the two variants available in Singapore, is quick, packing 321 bhp and 605Nm of torque, achieving a 0 - 100km/h time of 5.2 seconds. Not groundbreaking, but still plenty fast, with a silly amount of shove that will please the inner 5 year old in you. Ride quality is generally very comfortable, and even on 19 inch wheels, provisions for a good amount of rubber on the sidewalls for that added cushion. While these are positive traits for a car that is likely still going to be employed as a family SUV, albeit a very cool one, I would have preferred a stiffer and firmer driving setup on the GT Line - for the car has the tendency to feel a little too soft and supple in more dynamic driving situations.

In the standard variant however, I would imagine that the chassis setup, when paired with a less powerful motor, should feel more in sync, and will probably provide passengers with an extremely pleasant ride experience, made complete with a generous amount of legroom in the second row, along with adjustable backrests - perfect for leaning back on a long road trip up North.

When we think about owning an EV6, the standard variant does spring out as the go-to option, for the GT Line is quite pricey with current COE prices. What is more illuminating is the fact that the Koreans have now created an offering that despite being quite pricey, is clearly at a comparable level to its continental competitors, and offers a lot more value in terms of performance. Aside from brand appeal, which is a subjective concept, the EV6 is a very well packaged product that will offer buyers great performance and excellent styling, while absolutely nailing the x-factor of EV ownership. For buyers who are potentially thinking of slugging it out in the lower echelons of continental car ownership, the EV6 is a superb and cool alternative. A very cool alternative.


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