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Mercedes-Benz EQS Singapore Review - EQS450+ AMG Line (A)

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

From Mercedes-Benz comes the flagship 2022 Mercedes-EQ EQS electric luxury saloon, providing a premium driving experience. As far as luxury EVs go, the EQS450+ is top off the line, and is out-muscled only by the range topping Mercedes AMG EQS53 4MATIC+, which features a dual electric motor set up. Packaged with luxury features like a stunning instrument cluster, beautiful ambient lighting configurations, and rear axle steering, the Mercedes EQS is a luxury car that sets new standards in the world of luxury motoring.

With the influx of new electric cars hitting the 2022 automotive market hard and fast, it was interesting to see how different automakers were trying to address the nation's new found obsession with electric cars. Different strategies were employed, and while cars are still cars, the electric revolution has surely blurred the lines between the traditional car segments that we know, with some automakers even creating new segments with their latest electric offerings. While Audi gave us the RS e-tron GT, a gran coupe with supercar performance, BMW gave us the IX, a brand new flagship that is a precursor to the highly anticipated XM, Mercedes-Benz have stuck with what they know best - which is to provide the ultimate luxury experience to its well heeled customers.

And what better car to embody those qualities, than the Mercedes-Benz EQS, which effortlessly succeeds at taking all the good bits of an electric drivetrain, and wrapping it into one of the most luxurious and dramatic packages we have seen in awhile. It isn't just an electric S-Class either, which of course in Singapore has become a bit of a symbol of wealth and power. Instead, the EQS is a ground up EV with its own personality away from the S-Class. It feels younger, more suave, and less traditional than the petrol powered S-Class. While it is difficult to deny the allure of the S-Class, the EQS manages to communicate similar undertones of class and success without the stuffiness - and so, presents an interesting value proposition to the young, affluent leaders of today's world. You see, for a highly successful 35 year old, the S-Class still feels like your father's car, and isn't necessarily something you'd want to drive every day - but the EQS, now thats a different story.

Styling plays a huge role in the manner that the EQS delivers its prestige and luxury credentials. For starters, the car is styled in a vastly different manner from the S-Class. It features a swooping front end that looks both dramatic and modern, with very clean features that blend well into the car's spaceship-like physique. Despite a younger outlook, the EQS is still a large car, and measures slightly more than 5.2m in length, ensuing that the car is still a very imposing presence on the roads. As with all the cars in the Mercedes-EQ range of electric cars, the EQS features front and rear continuous light strips for that future forward appearance.

Inside, the drama continues, and users are greeted by a swooping dashboard design that sweeps around the front of the cabin, and is headlined by the latest portrait style MBUX infotainment unit, as well as a full digital driver's display. The sloping front end of the car, which also translates to a slightly more raked windscreen gradient, means that the cabin feels sleeker overall, though the slightly reduced headroom does mean that the cabin feels smaller than what you would expect from an EQS. Still, the luxury factor is undeniable, and in the beige interior that came with the test car, there was a very clear feeling of opulence about the cabin that sets it apart from its competitors. While beautifully designed, build quality could be better in my opinion, as it was not difficult to find some plastic bits that were a little more wobbly than they should be in a car of this class. In the rear, things that to feel a little more in line with the traditional concepts of luxury, with acres of legroom to enjoy, and a bright open cabin that makes for pleasant dwelling.

The electric drivetrain of the EQS is powered by a 329 bhp single speed electric motor which produces 565 Nm of torque with a 6.2 seconds 0-100km/h time. While these aren't record breaking numbers, I personally feel that the car is a very well calibrated offering in terms of the balance it strikes between performance and comfort. Aside from the instant torque and the silent operation, which are both hallmarks of an electric drivetrain, the EQS is immensely comfortable when wafting around at 100km/h, gliding over the terrain with an ease that is rarely seen in an automobile. Its stealth and speed off the line and around town is also admirable, and it is somewhat surreal to be in a luxury vehicle that is so large, yet goes through its paces so effortlessly. What is even more impressive, is that the 2.4 tonne EQS manages to do all of this without the deployment of air suspension, and instead does it with standard multi-link suspension - a remarkable feat, and also a maintenance plus point in the long run.

Overall, the EQS is a magnificent vehicle that nails down the luxury sub-segment of the electric segment quite beautifully. The car is commanding, beautifully crafted, and exudes prestige with its every fibre - and i think buyers who are shopping in this segment will be able to appreciate the step up that the EQS is over its nearest competitors in terms of the prestige factor. I really like that the EQS is its own car, and not just an electrified S-Class, as it does seem to open up another segment for Mercedes-Benz to be relatable to the young and affluent in Singapore, which could potentially translate to being new, long term customers for the brand. While not groundbreaking in terms of its drivetrain, the overall user experience of travelling in an EQS is something to behold and savour - setting the current benchmark for ultra luxurious, electric mobility.


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