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Volkswagen T-Cross Singapore Review - 1.0 TSI DSG R-Line (A)

Equipped with a 999cc engine, the Volkswagen T-Cross is VW's smallest SUV in its local lineup and goes up against numerous other small SUVs in a hotly contested segment. In Singapore, the T-Cross R Line trim is the only trim variant available for purchase, and gets you R-Line body styling along with 17 inch alloys as standard. Despite being a small and entry level option in the VW lineup, the T-Cross is big on functionality and technology - the car comes standard with an 8 inch infotainment system, a fully digital active info display driver's cluster, USB C ports, and wired Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Big on practicality, the T-Cross also has competitively sized rear seat legroom, along with 385 litres of boot space.

Compact crossovers and SUVs are one of the most competitive segments in Singapore. There are many credible offerings in this segment, and they generally work well in Singapore's urban driving environment, offering users added practicality over a compact sedan or hatchback, and are typically small engined and set up in favour of city driving.

The Volkswagen T-Cross is one of these cars, providing young families with a very commendable entry into the world of continental car ownership. Admittedly, it isn't one of the first cars you'll think of when shopping in this segment, but the T-Cross does put forward some pretty good and compelling reasons as to why it belongs on your shortlist.

For starters, the T-Cross is set up perfectly for Singapore. Its 3 cylinder turbocharged engine provides good low end power that is very applicable around town, while still maintaining a respectable degree of fuel economy. In fact, the car feels much quicker than it's claimed 0-100km/h time of 10.2 seconds.

However, unlike most over entry level models out there that come equipped with CVT gearboxes, the T-Cross comes equipped with a quick shifting dual clutch, which rewards the user with good drivability and decent economy, without sacrificing long distance drivability and economy. This ultimately means that the T-Cross is just as drivable in town as it is on the highway, and is also just as frugal on long journeys as it is around town - something that a CVT box typically isn't as good at doing. Essentially then, you're really getting the best of both worlds with a car like that.

As a continental car that is built by one of the largest automakers in the world, build quality in and about the T-Cross is of a high standard. There is a robustness about the car that is seldom seen in a car this size, and fit in finish is in line with Volkswagen's more premium offerings. Having a well built cabin translates to a higher than average level of sound insulation about the cabin, and while some road noise does still creep through the front wheel hubs, the passenger ride experience is kept very civilised, and the T-Cross delivers a planted and reassuring on-road experience. Overall, the car drives like a much larger car, bringing a good level of composure to your journey that you would normally find on larger or more premium makes and models from other automakers.

While the car isn't huge by any measure, the T-Cross makes good use of its footprint, and manages to squeeze in a respectable boot and a competitive amount of legroom into its tiny frame. Lugging multiple full sized suitcases for an extended journey up north would probably be asking too much of the car, but the T-Cross will comfortably swallow a couple of smaller suitcases and some duffel bags for a young family of four for a short family holiday of 3-5 days. Locally, the T-Cross will definitely handle your grocery shopping bags with ease plus more. In the 2nd row, leg room will prove comfortable for full sized adults, and the bench height will prove particularly useful for loading young children into their child seats which can be safely anchored to the ISOFIX points located on the 2 rear outer seats.

In terms of ownership, the Volkswagen T-Cross is not the cheapest car you can buy in its segment, but its turbocharged 3 cylinder power unit and dual clutch configuration does make it one of the most relevant cars to use in Singapore's urban environment. For those who fancy a footprint friendly, fuel efficient, and well-built compact SUV that will be easy to own, maintain, and just a little bit more differentiated from the rest of the competition, the Volkswagen T-Cross is definitely one to shortlist and consider.


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