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BMW Car Leasing Singapore - BMW Flow

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Get in on one of the most flexible short term car leasing programmes with a choice of 18 months, 24 months, or 36 months term lease. Select from Performance Motors Limited's range of new cars, including favourites like the 2 Series Gran Tourer, 1 Series Hatchback, as well as the X1 & X3 Sports Activity Vehicles.

Over recent months, the interest for BMW car leasing in Singapore has escalated in popularity, with more and more Singaporeans finding alternative methods of car ownership due to sky high COE prices, which has inflated new car prices and by extension, the downpayment we would have to pay for a new car. Couple with the fact that an increasing amount of consumers today are investment savvy, with higher levels of financial literacy, which then translates to them wanting to use their cash for appreciating investments instead of putting it into a car purchase. Even with a higher monthly repayment for a leased car, consumers aren't too concerned, as firstly, the massive downpayment they would otherwise have paid for a new car is now in a separate investment vehicle from the new car, and does not depreciate as the car depreciates. Additionally, that sum of money also earns them money as their investments appreciate - offsetting some of the monthly repayments associated with the car lease. Let's take a closer look at some of the details related to the BMW Flow flexible car leasing programme.

What is BMW Flow?

In a nutshell, BMW flow is a leasing programme that allows you to drive off with a new BMW of your choice with only a $10,000 non-refundable deposit. Consumers can choose between taking up an 18 month, 24 month, or 36 month term lease - the longer the lease, the cheaper the monthly repayments. BMW Flow also provides you a pre-determined optional buy-over price, which allows you to buy over your lease unit after your lease term for a fixed price. All maintenance, road tax, and insurance related costs are covered under the BMW Flow leasing program. Here is a graphic taken from the Performance Motors Limited Website for your reference.

Why is BMW Flow Interesting and Different from Other Leasing Products?

For starters, BMW flow is one of the most flexible new car leasing products on the market at the moment, which allows you a choice of your preferred lease term, pegged to a corresponding monthly repayment. This is quite unlike most leasing products out there, which typically have a fixed price over a fixed term. The inclusion of a buy-over clause is also an interesting mechanism for consumers that not only adds a layer of flexibility, but also security. As the buy-over price is pre-determined at the point of signing, should COE figures rise rapidly after you have signed the lease, you could potentially buy over the car at a price that is much lower than the automotive industry's market rate at that point in time. Lastly, while most car leases are off an existing fleet of cars, Performance Motors Limited lets you choose a brand new car of your choice to take on lease. This means that in terms of the customer experience, it is not any different from going in to purchase a new car. In fact, it's exactly the same process. You test drive the car, decide if you like the car, and then proceed to decide how you wish to finance the car. Interested to test drive a new BMW? Sign up for a test drive here and enjoy $500 exclusive fuel vouchers if you decide to drive away with a brand new BMW. (this is an SG Family Man exclusive perk and is only applicable by signing up for a test drive here.


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