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How Much Can I Sell My Car For? - Used Car Selling Guides

Car owners - sell your vehicle to reputable car dealers for up to $10,000 more than the market selling price in the automotive industry. Get an accurate valuation of your car when you choose to sell your vehicle that does not get lowballed during the inspection and final valuation. Prefer to put the car on consignment and deal with potential buyers directly? - No problem. We can help with that too.

At some point in every car owner's life, there may come a time where you may choose to sell your vehicle. Whether you decide to sell it to car dealers or deal directly with potential buyers through consignment, this decision will no doubt be about price and how much you can sell your vehicle for. Obviously - the higher the amount quoted the better, and the more likely you'll sell your car to the highest bidder.

Unlike in the United States, where they have used car price resources like the famous Kelley Blue Book, in Singapore, we don't. That means that in Singapore, the automotive industry may value a used car differently, depending on who you speak to or who you are asking for a quote. Traditionally, one would usually trade in their vehicle when purchasing a new one, essentially selling the car to car dealers you are buying your new car from. While there is nothing wrong with this practice, which is actually often times quite convenient, this method of selling your used car often does not yield the highest price.

Enter online car auction sites such as ourselves which are able to offer you a quotation for your car based on details you furnish on an online form. Typically, this would yield a pretty good selling price for your vehicle, as the platforms and websites like SG Family Man would typically have a pool of dealers who will bid for your car - where the highest bidder wins the right the deal with you for the purchase of your car. While these mechanics can help you get a higher valuation of your car, there are some shortcomings as well, and this is where the various car auction platforms are set apart.

Many of these platforms, especially the bigger ones, can have anywhere in the vicinity of 500-800 used car dealers within their network. While this offers you as the seller a wide pool of bidders, it also means that competition to buy your car is tough, and some of the dealers will bid an artificially high amount to me matched with you, only to low ball you during the physical valuation of the vehicle, lowering their offer with each imperfection that is spotted on the car. At SG Family Man, we have a policy that unless your car has major accident damage or isn't in proper working condition, our dealers will not shift on their original offer - which means no low balling of any kind.

On the flip side, platforms like SG Family Man work with a smaller pool of trusted dealers, who are able to provide accurate quotations for your car that are realistic and competitive. From our past transactions, we typically offer between $3,000 to $10,000 more than other platforms. Some of you might be wondering, "How are you able to offer a higher price for my car"? Well, as our pool of dealers are typically larger, many of them may already have existing buyers who are after your car's make and model. This means that they are able to offer you a better price as they already have a ready buyer. In such a situation, there is no need for them to factor for the time spent looking for a buyer. Additionally, because some of our dealers do not need to use floor loans to acquire the cars, they do not incur interest and therefore are able to pass on the interest savings to you as the seller.

That said, the only real way to find out how much you can sell your car for is to ask for a quote, which is 100% free and non-obligatory. So drop us an enquiry here and let us give you a quote for your vehicle. After all, it wouldn't hurt to have an additional quote right? Plus you get to see if we are indeed able to give you the highest price in the market.


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Sell your car in 24 hours with the highest price on the market. 100% FREE quotation and non-obligatory. Sell only when you are comfortable with our price.


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