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How to Stick P Plates On A Car

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

How to stick p plates on a car - ensure your p plates are displayed at the back and front of the vehicle after passing your driving test in order to drive a vehicle.

How to stick p plates on a car - We’ve all been through this as drivers. Having to go through the process of heading down to our driving centre to book a test date, going for our revision lessons, showing up for the actual driving test, passing the driving test, and then wondering where we’re supposed to place our p plates. You’re definitely not alone, because even superficial observations would suggest that a good number of people do not know where to place their p plates on their car when they drive a vehicle. To ensure that your plates are displayed correctly at the back and the front of the vehicle after you pass your driving test, be sure to read this simple guide - or watch this simple how-to video on the correct placements of the p plates.

Buying or Purchasing the P Plates for your car:

How to stick p plates on a car - If you should be so lucky as to have a car to drive immediately after passing your driving test, then you’ll definitely need your p plates ready by the time you jump into your car and drive off. P plates are mandatory for any driver who has just passed their driving test in the last 12 months, so you’ll definitely need to display them at the back and front of the car when you drive, or you risk incurring a fine. There are no demerit points for this offence, but we’d still urge you to get your p plates ready. A good way to avoid being caught in a situation where you don’t have your p plates on hand, is to head out prior to your driving test date, to purchase the p plates beforehand, so that you can keep them ready for use.

Purchasing p plates in Singapore is fairly easy and there are many options to choose from. Your best bet is to check out a petrol station in your neighbourhood, as they usually have a dedicated car accessories section, where you’ll definitely be able to find p plates. Minimarts and convenience stores sometimes also carry the p plates, but its not guaranteed that you’ll be able to find them. Likewise for supermarkets and department stores. The p plates itself are inexpensive, and even the 3M branded ones cost about $12 and should not cost you more than $15 at any store. Keep in mind that there are actually a few manufacturers of p plates, and it doesn't really matter which ones you use, so long as they are officially the right size and the right design with the right colours. Although the 3M branded ones you find at the petrol station are quite common, you may also purchase the plates online and get it delivered to your house - just make sure that you purchase Singapore p plates, instead of accidentally purchasing p plates from another country, which may be a different colour.

Preparing the P Plates for Application:

The package that you purchase should come with 2 separate plates in the packet. One is for the front, and one is for the back. You’ll need both plates as it is mandated that your p plates should be visible on your vehicle from both the back and front of the vehicle. Once you open the packet and remove the actual plates, you’ll find that most brands already come with adhesive tapes attached to the plates, while some brands come with adhesive velcro strips so that you can temporarily remove and reinstall your p plates with ease. This is particularly useful if you are driving a shared vehicle such as your family car.

Either way, what you’ll want to do is to ensure that the glass surface of your front and rear windscreen is clean and cleared of any oil or dust, as this will affect the adhesive effectiveness of your tape, and cause your p plates to fall off during your drive - a huge distraction especially for a new driver. Once the glass has been cleaned, you’ll want to remove the adhesive tape cover to expose the adhesive layer.

Where to Place P Plates on the Car:

How to stick p plates on a car - Once you are ready to install your p plates, you’ll want to identify the correct location of where to place your p plate. From the outsider’s perspective looking at your car, the p plates should always be on the top right hand corner of the windscreen. Watch the video for a visual reference on where to place the p plates. Once you have identified the right spot, press the p plates onto the glass surface, ensuring that the adhesive portions are firmly in contact with the glass. Press and hold for a couple of seconds or until the p plates feel securely stuck on - And there you have it. You are now ready to drive.


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