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Jaguar E Pace Singapore Review - 1.5 Mild Hybrid 2022

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The new Jaguar E Pace from Wearnes Automotive in Singapore is a premium compact SUV that features a 1.5-litre three cylinder mild hybrid drivetrain mated to an Aisin torque converter, powering the car in a front wheel drive setup. On the exterior, a new mesh design heritage grille dominates the front fascia, while the new double J LED headlights add more sophistication to the design. Inside, the E Pace gets the upgraded steering wheel from the F-Pace, as well as the updated Pivi Pro Infotainment System which now supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with a full digital interactive driver’s display. Singapore will not be receiving the plug in hybrid version of the car as of now. Book a test drive today.

Smart Looking Cub

Premium compact SUVs are all about appearance. Sitting at the entry-level of their respective range of cars, These cars are not expected to be performance oriented in any way, shape, or form. What these cars do extremely well though, is provide consumers with a sense of luxury, a decent drive, and bragging rights, all at a relatively reasonable price point. In essence then, these cars are status symbols, designed to elevate the social standing and credibility of its owner.

In this regard, The Jaguar E Pace does a brilliant job, and exudes all the right characteristics needed for it to excel in this segment. Going up against the BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA, Volvo XC 40, and other premium compact Continental SUVs, the ETA manages to hold its own, even managing to shine through as what we think is the most aesthetically pleasing car in the segment. While the Mercedes-Benz GLA looks a little bit more mature, and eggs one looks a little bit more adventurous, The E Pace manages to blend both ends of the spectrum into one very well rounded offering.

Among all the cars, the E Pace is the tallest car, and generally looks like a bigger car than it actually is - Giving it a more premium look over its competitors. Because of the imposing stance, it is easy to confuse the car with the larger F Pace - A cheap thrill that I think owners will enjoy. Helping to solidify this premium image, is a new heritage design grille, as well as the new double J full LED headlights - both of which are beautiful additions to the car. Perhaps because the Jaguar is generally less common on the road, the car commands more head turning capabilities then its competitors.

Best-In-Class Wow Factor

Looking inside the car, the shop exterior features of the E Pace transition nicely into an opulent interior that is impressive for Jaguar’s entry-level car. There is a wow factor about the interior – something that the E Pace’s competitors lack. This is due to a generous use of premium touch materials all around the cabin, and also attributed to the absolutely stunning Pivi Pro infotainment system that dominates the centre console. This is definitely a car that your friends, relatives, and colleagues will immediately recognise as a premium product, with visually striking elements that pop out and provide that wow factor.

In fact, the new infotainment unit, which now supports Wireless Apple CarPlay and android auto, is so pretty to look at that it is one of the few infotainment systems where I would rather use the infotainment system’s default home screen as opposed to the Apple CarPlay home screen. The infotainment unit isn’t just pretty though, as it also includes features that are normally found on more premium offerings. For example, the 360° camera, which shows the 3-D impression of the car, is equipped with a multi-angle camera that shows you an amazing array of footage to help you safely manoeuvre the car. There is also attention to detail in this piece of technology, where a 3-D image of your car even shows if your headlights and hazard lights are turned on in real time.

Elsewhere in the cabin, there are also nice little touches that Jaguar has included. Lining the storage area, as well as the wireless charging pad, is a Jaguar print motif that isn’t exactly pretty, but serves as a good conversation piece. The suede covered gear selector comes with stitching patterns that are similar to those found on a cricket ball, which is a nice little reference to British heritage and culture. Lastly, because the E Pace is also known as the Jaguar cub, there is a little print design on the bottom left hand side of the windscreen that shows a Jaguar cub following a full grown Jaguar. This same design is also the same one used for the car’s puddle lights – this is something that I absolutely loved.

Relevant Drivetrain for Singapore

The previous E Pace was equipped with a 2 L turbocharged power plant, which made the car a more capable cruiser, but a little bit awkward to drive around town. The new 1.5 L mild hybrid engine is less powerful on paper, but this power decrease is not obvious, and actually feels smoother to drive. Off the line, this new three cylinder engine doesn’t require so much effort to spool up power, and feels like a more relevant car to drive around Singapore’s urban landscape. The mild hybridisation of the car also significantly helps the car eliminate the turbo lag normally associated with 3 cylinder power units, but the tradeoff is that the car feels more like a naturally aspirated one than a turbocharged one - something that could be perceived as a good thing if you are one of those motoring purists.

As a high-speed cruiser, the new engine set up is obviously less capable than its predecessor – but honestly, this can hardly be noticed at Singapore's relatively slow highway driving speeds, and the engine only starts running out of steam closer to 120km/h, which is faster than what most daily commutes will demand of us. Even at speed, ride quality feels planted and assured, and the car’s insulation does a good job at blocking out external noise. All this, combined with the elevated seating position, provides the sensation that you are driving a much bigger car than you really are - a good thing in this context. Overall, it would seem that the BMW X1 is the only other car in the same segment that offers better driving dynamics, though it does not feel as refined as the E Pace. Most buyers then would be more than satisfied with the driving qualities of the E Pace, and will definitely appreciate the fuel savings offered by the mild hybridisation in this time of rising fuel costs.

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