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Indoor Golf Singapore Review - The Par Club

Indoor Golf Singapore - The Par Club is an indoor golfing experience that runs off a virtual golf simulator that features world class golf courses from around the world. This indoor golf range is suitable for both established golfers and enthusiasts, and is even suitable for children and families - the golf simulator is also able to run mini games that are great fun for the family. Golf lessons are also available here if you want to pick up golf in a weather proof environment. The family experience is also enhanced with a full fledged dining menu featuring Pastas, Sandwiches, and Snack Platters along with a selection of drinks including craft beer.

To get started, it is advisable to make a booking online - and you can use CODE: SGFM10OFF to get 10% off your spending at The Par Club. This offer is exclusive to SG Family Man readers. Most of the golf simulator bays are open to the view of the public, though if you wanted something a little more private and hidden from view, The Par Club also has some private rooms available for booking as well. These come equipped with a small sitting area that consists of sofas and a coffee table - perfect for a small group of about 4 - 6 pax, although it will hold more people as well, if needed. The bookings are made based on time slot, so all you need to do is choose your preferred slot. Do take note that there is a difference in pricing for peak and non-peak hour slots, so be sure to check that out when making your booking.

When you enter the Par Club, the first thing you'll see is a large dining area which is suitable for larger groups and families. Surrounding this dining area are the golf simulator bays where you do your actual golfing. There is also a putting green that is supposed to be for you to practice some of your short game drills, but its also perfect for kids to play around on, and there are toddler clubs available for your kids to mess around with and expand some energy. Don't worry about them running around and falling, as the place is fully carpeted and its quite conducive for the young ones to roam around - just make sure they don't run into one of the golf bays where people are actually striking balls at full swing.

Even if you're not a serious golfer, this place is great for a family outing or a social outing, because the golfing simulators from Foresight Sports actually run mini games as well - which are super fun if you just want to mess around for a bit. The other part that makes this place a great social spot is its food menu - which is full fledged and will cater to a wide range of taste preferences. There are mains, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, and snack platters to choose from, as well as bottled craft beer and Budweiser towers for the dudes. Essentially then, you don't actually have to visit The Par Club with golfing as the primary objective. You could make use of the place as a family friendly dining spot, with the added fun factor of having a simulator close by to provide some entertainment value to your outing.

For the more serious golfers though, the simulators run off a Foresight Sports GC3 system, which is one of the leading systems in golf simulator technology. While some people may have a preference for other tracking systems, the GC3 works well for gameplay, and comes loaded up with some of the most popular world class golf courses in the world. You can also challenge yourself by setting the system to portray live weather conditions of the place, or simply create challenging weather conditions for yourself to battle through. Whatever your preference, the system is highly customisable and also easy to operate from a touch panel right by your golfing bay. The bay also comes with ball catchment, and auto ball loading at the touch of a button. So if like me, you're a little lazy to pick up the ball and reset it after each shot - this function is perfect.

If you are keen to pick up the sport, The Par Club also offers golf lessons that are run by an in-house team of professional coaches. From what I gather, picking up golf at a driving range full of die hard golfers can be rather intimidating for most learners - thus a more casual setting like an indoor golf range would go some way to alleviate those feelings. More importantly, the use of a simulator can also offer up additional pieces of information relating to your golf swing such as your impact angle, loft angle, and swing speed. These pieces of information can also help to speed up your learning process where the coaches would be able to take that data and offer for specific tips for improvement.

So if you are keen to check out The Par Club, remember to use CODE: SGFM10OFF to get 10% off when making your booking online.

The Par Club is located at 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #02-309/310 & 311/312


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