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Trapo Car Mat Review Singapore - Trapo Hex 2

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Gone are the days where trapping dirt within your wire mesh car floor mats was the way to go. Since Covid came about, the focus has shifted toward an easy to clean car mat that makes it easy for you to keep your car environment clean, antibacterial, and safe for your family. From the creators of the already popular Trapo Classic, comes the Trapo Hex 2. More hygienic than a traditional mesh car mat and more aesthetically pleasing than a plain rubber mat, find out why the new Trapo Hex 2 car mats are a must have for any car.

Growing up, I remember the car mats in my father's car. With each new car, we would always head over to the shop to purchase mesh car mats, or curly hair mats - as they are more colloquially known. Those mats were a staple for many people, and a common sight in many cars throughout the 2000s and even today. While extremely good at hiding dirt within its curls and away from sight, I shudder when I think about how much dirt, mould, and fungus gets accumulated inside and out of sight - even with a good vacuum, some of those particles are lodged pretty deep, and don't really budge. Another flaw, was the lack of grip those mats had on the bottom side, which meant that car owners often had to readjust the mats over the course of the week as constant usage would almost surely shift the mats out of place.

When Covid came around however, the focus of car mats shifted drastically, and people started paying plenty of attention to the non-visible aspects of car hygiene. So after decades of popularity, people slowly started to wonder what sort of funky stuff was growing within their curly mesh car mats. As such, the user experience of a car mat has changed - today we care about how easily we can clean the mats, rather that how easily we can hide the dirt.

After looking around for a bit, I was introduced to Trapo Car Mats and Trapo were kind enough to set me up with a set of their latest Trapo Hex 2 car mats, which are at the moment, their flagship range of car mats. Even though I am driving a 2010 BMW F10, Trapo had all the necessary templates for my car floor layout. Upon digging, I discovered that Trapo actually has the floor templates of almost every production car you can think of out there - this means that all of Trapo's car mats fit perfectly into your footwells.

Aside from this level of customisation to your car, Trapo also provides another level of customisation for those who enjoy the occasional zest in their life. For the Trapo Hex 2 range, there is a choice of 3 base colours (black, brown, grey), and 5 trim colours (black, red, grey, brown, blue) that you can mix and match to create your ultimate car mat. Based on what I see, not every colour will match with every colour, but since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what's important is that you get to enjoy the exact configuration that you thought up - a pretty cool customisation step if I'm honest. For my car, I got a brown base with grey trim - the brown to match the interior of my F10, and the grey trim to create almost a metallic looking border around the actual mat to brake the monotony. Suffice to say, I am pretty impressed with the end result and I think the interior of the car instantly looks newer, refreshed, and a major step up from my previously black car mats.

Looking great is a big plus, but as a family man, I carry my children in the car on a daily basis - which makes the Trapo Hex 2 car mat's hygiene related selling points all the more pertinent. With children, you never know what they can track into a car - in fact, my 4 year old once tracked fertiliser into the car, and the whole car smelled like faeces on our journey to her school. Imagine if all that fertiliser had been stuck in the creases and folds of a curly mesh car mat - not only would the source of the stench have been hard to pinpoint, it would also have been extremely difficult to wash out those mats. However, with the Trapo Hex 2, I could easily see the "skid" marks on the mat, after which i took them out, flushed them under water, scrubbed out the gunk, and dried the mats. After 10-15 mins the mats were as good as new again.

For those of you who are a little more detail oriented, here are some additional facts for you:

- Trapo Hex 2 car mats are 99.9% antibacterial due to a patented ion technology that exists in the foam

- Trapo Hex 2 car mats are fungal-resistant

- Trapo Hex 2 car mats come with anti slip technology under the mat

- Trapo Hex 2 car mats come with a 5 year warranty

- Trapo Hex 2 is safe for kids and made from the same material used in kids play mats

If you're keen to check out the Trapo Hex 2 car mats for yourself, and want to play with the configurator, head over to Trapo's Website to view the entire range of products.

Photos by Trapo Singapore


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